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Cash sale

Real Estate Liquidators can purchase your property within 3 days and we have a list of over 10,000 cash buyers all over the country, who can close on your property within 3-7 days or on your schedule. Typically sellers want to sell for cash to avoid the hassle of listing the property on the market, avoid multiple showings, inspections, repairs, appraisals and loan contingencies. In addition, properties that need multiple repairs or where construction has been started on the property are not financeable, and the only way to sell it, is to sell it to an investor for cash.

Of course investors understand this situation and typically buy these properties at 30% discount. It might sound steep, but investors also need to make money and if you want to sell fast for cash, that’s the best option. For many people it is the only option if they need money fast or a property is in poor condition, or it’s going into foreclosure, county sale or it is getting condemned by the City or scheduled to be demolished.