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Buy a House – For Investors

We offer many properties for sale to investors that are fix & flips and buy & holds. Submit your info below with your contact info and your buying criteria and you will be receiving properties from us that never hit MLS.

American dream to Buy a house.

Many of us want to become home owners. Why? Home ownership is not only a piece of mind, it also saves money on income taxes if you have a loan against the property. Since mortgage interest payments that you make are tax deductible, you pay less income taxes. For example, your mortgage payment is $1500/month, where $500 is principal, property insurance, property taxes and $1000 is interest. Imagine at the end of the year you paid $12,000 in interest and if you are in 30% income tax bracket, you will receive a refund from IRS for $3600 at the end of the year. And will be receiving a tax refund every year after that while you will be paying your loan off. Since interest payments will decrease year after year because you will be paying a principal off every year, your tax refund will be decreasing also.

For future home owners

What does it take to become a home owner? Well, if your credit score is over 630 points and you have not had foreclosure or bankruptcy within last 3 years and your total monthly payments including your new mortgage do not exceed 40% of your income, you might qualify for FHA loan. Call us or email us, we will review your situation and connect you with the best loan officer who will help you to qualify for a loan. After you have a pre-approval letter, we will find you a home at no cost to you. You’ve read it correctly NO COST TO YOU. Seller will pay us a commission if you buy the property. What if your credit score is low? The best option is to work with a loan officer and raise the credit score. Why? Because you will be able to qualify for a better mortgage rate, thus your monthly payment will be lower. What if you had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale or have bad credit and need to buy a home now?Guess what, if you have at least 10% down payment, we can find you a property tomorrow on Contract for Deed. Yes, the interest rate might be higher than on a conventional loan, but after you improve your credit, you can obtain a loan and pay the contract for deed off. Contact us today to receive a free professional consultation.