Victor Bolton’s testimony on becoming a home owner with our help

Repair your credit with the help of Real Estate Liquidators.

We met Victor Bolton 3 years ago when he became a tenant and started renting one of our properties located at 1350 Still Water Ave, St. Paul, MN Victor wanted to become a home owner. So we offered him an option to lock the sale price of the house at that time expecting that prices of real estate will go up. And that is what he did. Victor put a non refundable deposit of $2000 down and purchased an Option to buy the hose at locked price of $135, 000. Three days ago Victor closed on the house. Victor is a very hard working person but had a very low credit score of 500. He tried to raise his credit score on his own for a while but had no success. We offered him our service of helping him raise his credit score for the small fee of $500. After six months working with Victor and guiding him thru financial transactions and habits, we ware able to raise his score to 640 which allowed him to qualify for a loan. We also helped him raise money for his down payment. He received some money from him mom and couple thousand dollars from him 401 K plan. The funds had to be seasoned for 60 days. After that Victor was able to successfully close on his new home and became a homeowner. We worked with Victor to pay off his delinquent accounts and his collection accounts.  Reaching out to Real Estate Liquidators when Victor needed help was easy. Any time Victor needed help we ware flexible, responsive and provided the expert opinion he needed. Here are the main criteria you need to meet if you plan to purchase a home and become a home owner:
  1. Your credit score needs to be over 640
  2. You need at least 3%
  3. Your funds need to be seasoned for at least 2 months
Feel free to reach out to Real Estate Liquidators if you need help with repair your credit score. For a small fee we’ll work with you and tailor a custom plan to help raise your credit score to at least 640, so that you can qualify for a loan.