Mike’s story on selling a house with a problem tenant

Selling a home with no equity

Learn about selling a home with no equity. In this video with one of our clients Michael Olsen, you will find out prime time how easy it was to work with us and how long such process took/ Michael lived with him mom in her house when she passed away. He rented a part of the house just to find out that the rentor stopped paying rent. Then he thought he can sell the house for profit, just to find out that there are 2 leans on the home. On from 70 thousand from the Human Service and another from the City of ST. Paul for 10-12 thousand.

The house was worth no more than 30-35 thousand. Michael was petrofied and un sure what to do. No job, little money to hire a lawer, lost without any help Michael reached out to Real Estate Liquidators for help. As you can see Michael has no equity in it, but we still purchased the home because our intention is to work with lean holders and negotiate the amounths of the leans and hopefully make money and also help Michael. At the end of the process, Michael was very happy. With some money in his pocket and out of a situation he did not have the expertise nore the financial pmeans to handle.

Real Estate Liquidators took over the negotiation process with the lean holders on Mike’s behalf an made his live much easier. Call us with questions and concerns and we’ll be happy to help you.