Our Favorite: Sell with multiple mortgages when there is no equity

Sell with multiple mortgages and no equity:

How to get money if you already had a serif’s sale and sell with multiple mortgages and no equity. You have a right to sell your property. You can sell your property – your self or list it with a real estate broker. Hopefully you have enough time left before your redemption right expired so you can redeem the property before the sale and get the clear warranty deed to the buyer. And hopefully you have enough euity to pay real estate comission and closing cost so you can get some equity back. This is the easiest way. But often time people don’t hae any equity buit in the property and then what do you do in that case? You can find a lot of real estate investors on line and choose who to work with. Second option is to sell your property to an investor if you had multiple mortgages. Lets say your property is worth 150 but you owe $200 thousand for it on 2 margtages first mortage si for 120K and 80 is the seocnd mortgage. How do you get money realistically you have no ownership in it and sell with multiple mortgages. There is a way for investors to file junior lean and redeem the first mortgage after a sheriff sale. Most of the time investors will pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 but if you are a seller with no equity and only and investor company that know what they are doing can negotiate with the second morgtage and redeem the first mortgate withi will wipe out the second mortgage. This is really hard to believe in that we can pay you money for the property where there is no equity, isn’t it? You will be surprised, that we bought many properties where sellers owed more than their houses were worse? Hey, what do you have to lose if you don’t have equity and don’t have cash to bring to closing? Only experienced investors like us know the trick. We will pay you $1000 to sign up a deal with us, pay all your closing costs and if we are successful redeeming your property from the lender, we will pay you more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$after redemption period is over. Each deal is unique, so call or email us or submit your info through our site to see what we can offer.