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Probate sale or when there is no will after the owner dies

   What exactly is a Probate Sale? When a person passes away, his/her husband/wife or person listed in the will can sell a property. What happens if there is no husband or wife or will? Believe it or not, we get calls from relatives every week that can’t sell a property of the deceased relative because there was no will! If you don’t have a will-hire an attorney and get one ASAP before it’s too late! If there is no will the property must go through a probate process, where a court appoints a personal representative who will be in charge of the estate. Probate might take from 2 months to a year or even longer. Imagine what happens during this period? The property might get vandalized, fall behind on mortgage payments, and could be sold at the foreclosure auction. If the probate process is not over, you might not have enough time to buy the house back from the sheriff because the redemption period would be over. Oops, you just lost a big chunk of cash.

   What we can do to help you? If there is equity in the property we give you a fair offer and handle everything. If there is a lot of equity and you are able to come to court with our attorney and state your case, we can pay you even more. How much more? Contact us, we will review your case and you will find out within 24 hours.