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Cash sale

How does the cash-sale work:

We can buy and close on your property the same day when you contact us.

Typically sellers want to sell for cash in order to avoid the hassle of listing the property on the market. This way you can avoid multiple showings, inspections, appraisals and loan contingencies. In addition, properties that need multiple repairs or have construction started are difficult to finance. The only way to sell a property like this is, is to sell it to an investor for cash. Of course investors understand this situation and typically buy these properties at 20%-30% discount. At first this may sound as too big of a discount. However, note if you list a property for sale with a real estate broker, you will pay 5-7% listing fee, title and deed taxes might be another 3-5%, buyers might ask you to pay their closing costs so they could qualify for a loan 3-5%, you will lose 1-4 months while property will be on the market and waiting for a buyer to receive appraisal and the loan. By the time when you sell the property, it would cost you on average 15%-20% plus monthly payments that you will be making for property taxes, mortgage, insurance and utilities while waiting for closing. The worst part is that buyer’s financing might fall a part and then you will need to start over. Thus selling a property to an investor at a small discount will not seem like a bad idea. We can help your sell the property for cash AS IS. Read this article for more information on How to sell a house fast For many people it is the only option when money is needed fast or the property is in poor condition. This is also the case if the property is going into foreclosure. No different if the home is going to a county sale or it is getting condemned by the City or scheduled to be demolished. If you still have a questions, please feel free to Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss further your situation