To Tim Waltz, MN governor

7/13/20 you extended eviction moratorium. Are you out of your mind?

Perhaps you are thinking that this extension would help tenants that lost their jobs to stay longer in the properties?

According to this MN May’s unemployment rate was only 9.9% and you are protecting entire 100% of the tenants?

Are you out of your mind?

In case you didn’t know this but roughly 80% of properties that are being rented have mortgages against them and landlords need to make mortgage payments, insurance payments, property tax payments, pay for water and some electric and gas bills. Where do you think these landlords will get the money to make these payments since March? On several properties I have not received rent myself since March and it will extend through August. I’m not receiving rent for 6 months while tenants that have the money take advantage of it because we can’t file for eviction for non payment of rent. I do understand that restaurants got hurt because they were closed and they are not able to make rent payments. But I have tenants who receive pension and Social Security benefits and their financial situation hasn’t changed at all and they take advantage of your moratorium, because they would rather not pay rent of $12,000 for 6 months, get evicted and find another place to rent.

If you wanted to protect tenants, why not pay the landlords from the State funds and create payment arrangements with the tenants? NO- you don’t want to do this! You want landlords pay for everything!

This is what would happen because of your SHORT thinking:

  1. Landlords will not be able to make mortgage payments and property tax payments.
  2. Properties will get foreclosed on and tenants would get evicted.
  3. Landlords would loose equity in their rental units and will not able to invest in real estate for a long time and will not create jobs for people that rehab real estate to make it rent ready.

So who are you really helping by extending the eviction moratorium?

16 thoughts on “To Tim Waltz, MN governor

  1. Kostyan says:

    The fact that the Governor of MN is allowing this is criminal. How come the home owners don’t get a break? Who is going to postpone or cancel our mortgage payments? Our governor is out of touch with reality.

  2. Gal says:

    Dear Tim Waltz,
    First of all I want to use this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the hard work you do. However, I am extremely concerned about eviction moratorium, peacetime emergency and other limitations or discrimination to small business owners.
    I own a small business from 2006 and I am a landlord from 2008. During those years I owned probably 50 properties, hired or employed over 100 employees or contractors, spent millions of dollars in local stores, rebuilt many distressed properties in problematic areas like N. Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, St Paul, and more…
    My business is very beneficial (and probably even critical) to the community, to my tenants, service providers, subcontractors and their families. Landlord/rental business has an integral part in the state economy.
    Please revise your decision as soon as possible. Please allow us to evict when needed. Let’s make the housing court objective. Otherwise we may see repeat of the 2008 real estate crisis.
    Gal P.

  3. Alexandra Sakurets says:

    It is absolutely unreasonable that tenants are not obligated to prove a hardship or a changed financial situation directly related to Covid 19. Considering the fact that the vast majority of those who lost an income were receiving the $600 per week supplement. The moratorium on eviction is a classic “Rob Peter to pay Paul”. In our case, it is me, the landlord and taxpayer who Gov Waltz is stealing from. Shame on you Walts!

  4. Iliya says:

    Mr. Waltz, it’s time to grow a pair. First, you demonstrated nearsightedness in managing covid-19 situation and weakness in failing to appropriately react and manage social unrest in Twin Cities. Now you are trying to appease your electorate by punishing those who work the hardest to support our economy. First, you delivered blow to small business owners by issuing incoherent illogical covid rules. Now you are taxing landlords who provide affordable housing by making them bear the brunt of financial hardship caused by covid situation. Why don’t you make utilities companies and banks freeze their billings. Probably because you don’t have a pair to stand up to them, but it is too easy to make “the little guys” pay for it. You don’t have to worry about lobbyists for your next elections. Minnesotans will not want you to be their governor again. So, just do the right thing and not the thing that helps your ratings. Lift the eviction moratorium.

  5. Elena Berdichevskaya says:

    Dear Governor Waltz,
    First of all thank you for everything that you’ve been trying to do in these last 6 months! None of us could possibly imagine what we would be going through as a member of a society, as a family, as a coworker and as a business owner. I can only imagine the decisions that you had to make.
    One of the challenges that I had to experience as a landlord is your ruling on evictions due to non-payment of rent. As you trying to protect your citizens from evictions, you are putting your other residents – landlord, in jeopardy. Nobody is allowing us not to pay mortgage, insurance, and all other overhead expenses associated with providing rental housing. Considering that $600.00 was provided per week, plus the unemployment, renters should have enough to pay their rent. Many simply abuse your trust and generosity, leaving their landlords in not so favorable situation without ANY government support.
    So we ask you, as our elected governor, to lift your eviction moratorium for the sake of all the responsible landlord who are trying to do their best in such difficult times.
    Thank you!

    • RealEstateAdmin says:

      Dear Elaina, thank you very much for your post. Please share it with others who believe that Waltz must remove eviction moratorium.

  6. Trent Peterson says:

    The language that is coming out of the governors mouth is causing renters who were paying a rent to not pay rent because they think they are protected from having to pay rent due to COVID-19.

    Governor Walz, what if your mortgage company called you and said they were going to double your house payment and you weren’t going to get that additional payment you’re paying every month back?

    Would you think that’s a good deal???

    You can count on a large class action suit against you, your administration and the state. You are messing with the financial livelihoods of thousands of people who have worked hard to buy a rental property for future investment and retirement.

    I’m embarrassed that you are running this state. Where are your morals to watch out for all people of MN???

    • RealEstateAdmin says:

      Trent, thank you for your comment. Our group of MN landlords is considering filing a class action suit against Tim Waltz if he extends eviction moratorium for another month. Please share this post with other landlords that are against eviction moratorium.

  7. Fonda Broekhuis says:

    Dear Governor Walz. I own a duplex in North St Paul. My tenants are working. However they have not paid rent since May. Where does the money come from to pay my mortgage and insurance, garbage and water bills? This was a dirty and worn out building with non law abiding people living in it. Now it is rehabbed and clean. But my tenants are taking advantage of the non eviction moratorium and living in my building for free.

    • RealEstateAdmin says:

      Thank you for your comment Fonda. I wish that more landlords could spend a minute and write what they think about eviction moratorium to our ”governor”.

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