Monthly Archives: June 2017

How to become a real estate investor if you do not have cash?

I look back when I bought my first investment property at 120 Quaker Ln N Plymouth MN in 2002. I bought it using a conventional loan with low down payment. Many begging investors do not realize that they could qualify for FHA financing as owner occupants and put only $1000 down payment, since many of […]

Don’t want to be in jail for being a lanlord in Hennepin County? Read this

Wanted to share with every landlord or real estate investor why I don’t recommend owning rentals in Brooklyn Center MN and how I got petty misdemeanor for owning rentals in Brooklyn Center Several years ago I owned 6 single family houses in Brooklyn Center. And one day I got a letter from the City of […]

If you have ever purchased hardwood or laminate from Lumber Liquidators you must test it to protect your houshold

I wanted to share with everyone a very important video that I watched today about hardwoods and laminates that were installed in many American homes which were purchased at Lumber Liquidators. It was found that almost all products (laminate and hardwood) products that Lumber Liquidators were selling contained formaldehyde (that is more dangerous than asbestos). […]