What will happen to real estate in 2021?

Happy New Year, everybody! I wish you to make 2021 the best year of your lives!
Well, I was a bit off in my predictions that nobody would remember about Corona virus in July. I can tell you this though: my thought is that our government on purpose didn’t implement any preventive measures on spreading the virus at the very beginning when it reached US. Preventive measures could be taken like they were taken in China, where the entire city was put on quarantine within 2 days and nobody could leave or enter the town. In USA NOTHING has been done for months! In the wealthiest country in the World, NOTHING was done for months!!! I’m screaming!
Perhaps nothing was done on purpose? I don’t have any other ideas why nothing was done. And it was done on purpose to get more people sick and scared, to crash the economy and then to tell us, taxpayers this: ” Well, we spent 10 trillion dollars taking care of the issues that the virus caused to our economy, let’s raise everybody’s taxes!”
And Biden was ”elected” because he is 78 old man, who I doubt could run through the term well and possibly will die before his term ends, though politicians could blame everything on poor Biden. I hope that I’m wrong, but something tells me that I’m not.
Regarding real estate, my prediction that by 6-1-21 residential real estate prices will decline by 10-20%, commercial real estate prices’ will decline by 30% or more, unless Biden infuses another 10 Trillion of fake dollars in the economy.
Stay healthy everybody!

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