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Amazon charges customers to ship defective products back. This is BAD biz.

I have several purchases that I made on Amazon and items that I received were defective. Before Amazon paid for the shipment that was picked up from my home for defective items, now Amazon charges $12-$15 for pick up, this is wrong. If the item is defective Amazon must pay for the pick up to […]

Never apply for business financing at

In 2008 we applied for business financing at Our company’s information was sold to other companies, and for 12 years we get calls every day from different financing companies that offer financing. Since 2008 we have not applied with anybody else. Thus if you don’t want to get annoying calls multiple times per day, […]

To Tim Waltz, MN governor

7/13/20 you extended eviction moratorium. Are you out of your mind? Perhaps you are thinking that this extension would help tenants that lost their jobs to stay longer in the properties? According to this MN May’s unemployment rate was only 9.9% and you are protecting entire 100% of the tenants? Are you out of […]

Foreclosure and eviction moratorium, government helps tenants buy screwing real estate investors and landlords.

It really bothers me, how the government gets involved with foreclosures and evictions moratorium! Do they really think that the moratorium would help somebody? Borrowers and landlords abuse the system, don’t make mortgage payments or rent payments for 3-4 months and then go and find another property. Who does get hurt here? I have rental […]

Corona virus and its implication on real estate. Opinion of non-biased real estate investor.

Corona virus and its implication on real estate. Opinion of non-biased real estate investor. We had economy slowly rising from 2009 through 2020, which was one of the longest rises in the history of the US. Probably many of you know this, but ‘’real’’ money could not be made during normal economy, most of the […]

How to never pay taxes on your profits using self directed IRA buying and selling real estate

I have contacted several IRAs custodians during last 5 years and nobody could explain to me how to open self directed IRA account so my IRA could buy properties and didn’t pay taxes on profits because I had Roth Self Directed IRA. I would guess custodians didn’t want to provide this information for several reasons: […]