Raising money for Alonzo Wesley’s family

We decided to shot this video of Alonzo Wesley to raise public awareness and raise funds to help this family of 11 children that Alonzo is raising with his partner.
Alonzo is not able to receive ANY support from the government because he does not have proper documentation to support that children who have been living with him for last 10 years are his. For those of you who want to help Alonzo and his 11 children, please make checks payable to Alonzo Wesley and mail them to:
Real Estate Liquidators
1920 Central Ave NE STE 201
Minneapolis MN 55418
We will make another video soon that shows Alonzo receiving money from you.
We bought Alonzo’s old house and brought to closing $5009.05 and will pay over $10,000 in assessments and vacant building registration fees just to help Alonzo’s family. Real Estate Liquidators has not made/charged any money by buying her house.

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